Go Ahead, Judge Me

It's interesting, coming on the heels of all the blogular insecurity I felt this week, that what's helped me get over it is, 1. posting about it and getting some good, supportive comments, and 2. pushing my opinion out there without worrying who was going to call it bullshit.

Lovely Alice took the week off so I wrote her Wonderland column for her. If I'm ready to embrace parenting commenters, surely some of the most opinionated human beings ever to set fingers to keyboard, I must be getting back on my feet again.

The other thing I did was publish a post over at MamaPop that did not criticize a Hollywood actress for taking off her clothes in a magazine photoshoot! The apocalypse is surely at hand if I didn't self-consciously try to play both sides of the issue and come out looking like I agree with everybody.