Wednesday September 15, 2004: Despite the fact that my husband claimed my hair was sexy -- "You know, in a European way" -- it had been a year since I decided it would be fun to cut it super short. Sure, it was "easy" if by "easy" you mean you enjoy trimming it weekly and fussing with product on an almost daily basis. After a year of short hair I wanted a change and I thought having a ponytail would be the key to this change.

So, to make an invisible process slightly more narcissistic, I invited the entire Internet to share in the daily progress as I grew out my hair. As you will see if you go through the photos, I actually looked okay for a while, and then I slowly began to look like David Cassidy in drag. (Not that that's a bad thing, but I didn't feel like it expressed the true Me, whoever that is.) On Day Ninety-six I caved and cut it short again. Thus, Simba, the circle of life goes on*.

*Simba is my hairdresser's name.**

**Not really. I'm a compulsive liar!


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School Portraits and Other Hair Highlights