Six Things I Am All About This Week

1. Hershey's Easter Candy-Coated Chocolate Eggs. Runner up: Cadbury Mini Eggs -- sometimes you need a glossy candy Easter egg, sometimes only matte will do.

2. Cookie's new spiked training collar. I hate the way it looks and I hate the way it makes passersby avoid us because holy shit, wouldn't you only put one of those things on your vicious dog to make it more vicious? And yet it has turned her into a lamb, a lamb who no longer jerks and jumps and barks all through our walks but who jogs down the street, pausing to sniff the rain spouts and hedges that only last week she'd barreled right past. I love to take her on walks now, which means we both get more exercise, and it's also helping her to set a better example for Peewee. Thank Cesar for the suggestion, nothing else was working.

3. That one Justin Timberlake album. In case I need to clarify: I am not all about Justin Timberlake, for a variety of reasons starting with his facial hair. No, I am just about that one album. Okay, and the Pepsi commercial.

4. Darjeeling Limited. Jack was too busy monitoring that last hour of an eBay auction for a Ken Smith bass (I've never seen a man so riveted by anything in my life) to pay attention, so I basically watched this by myself. I loved it. Well, actually, I wanted it to be better, but I still give it a solid B+, and for the record I am just fine with being that one person you know who looks forward to Wes Anderson movies. Question: Is Wes Anderson the American Michel Gondry? You have ten minutes to decide before a giant cat opens up a trapdoor in the sky and bellows WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?

5. Skirts!

6. Half-price Juicy Couture "Pleasure" flats that give off a little bit of an eau de Chanel vibe and go so very nicely with number 5.

New flats