I have this thing about playing Scrabble on Facebook

I was checking my Scrabulous stats (desperate for something to post at 9:30 p.m., if you must know), and I found a list of the most impressive words I've played since I've started. I only know what about half of them mean as I've been doing a lot of cheating. I've recently sworn off using Scrabble word-building sites, however, so I'm losing a lot of my games but I'm using a small percentage of my mind again, which, I am told, is the entire point.

Date Word Score

03-Mar-08 LINIEST 66 (Even linier than a regular line)

02-Mar-08 MEDdLER 65

29-Feb-08 EDGIEST 68

28-Feb-08 AbRASION 74

26-Feb-08 RaDIATE 74

25-Feb-08 COWRIES 80

24-Feb-08 UTILISE 73

24-Feb-08 PEAlIKE 75 (Fits the profile of a pea!)

22-Feb-08 ROUILLE 64 (It's either a white sauce or a game of chance played with handguns)

21-Feb-08 ADJOINTS 74

17-Feb-08 NUMERAL 82

13-Feb-08 DEODArA 82 (Apparently it's a type of tree, but I thought it was some sort of tiara)

12-Feb-08 UNROPED 72

07-Feb-08 ABLATEs 80 (A chemistry thing, but it sounds like a bunch of guys who kneel every time the Pope walks by)

03-Feb-08 STATELY 78

03-Feb-08 RECOVER 76

03-Feb-08 IMPEDES 76

02-Feb-08 OUTLIEs 68

30-Jan-08 MEATIER 67 (Have you ever seen that show, Mr. Meaty? I like it in theory, but it's sort of a last resort babysitter.)

28-Jan-08 MOLESTS 79

28-Jan-08 GROUNDS 77

22-Jan-08 ORDINAL 66 (A Catholic math teacher)

21-Jan-08 SuRNAMEs 77

17-Jan-08 REJOICER 96

16-Jan-08 ROTATED 83

11-Jan-08 HOARIER 66 (Someone who's even more or a whore than you are -- if that's even possible)

07-Jan-08 ACCUSeD 69

07-Jan-08 GENITALS 61

04-Jan-08 SAGUARO 65 (This is really a type of cactus and I KNEW THAT, DOUG)

02-Jan-08 ARRESTEE 61

22-Dec-07 ORTOLAN 72 (Either an early prototypical hybrid car from Oldsmobile or some sort of Mayan/Incan hybrid person, which inexplicably makes me think of Sor Juana)