I have been in a horrendous mood! So that's been hilariously fun! I'm also 1,000 years behind on drawings, so let's take a look at my terrible output for March. Four drawings. FOUR. Jesus.

old bay raven

This is obviously a personal joke for someone, because they specifically asked for a drawing with a raven and a box of Old Bay seasoning in it, two things that would rarely meet otherwise. I went online to look at reviews of Old Bay seasoning on Amazon, and that's where I discovered that at least one person in the world believes that "it adds zing" to whatever you sprinkle it in. Zing! I'm not the sort of person who uses the word zing, so I appreciate it when someone uses it sincerely and without sarcasm. As a matter of fact, I'm going to look for a way to use zing in a sentence today, on the off chance that doing so will cheer me the fuck up.

animal models

Okay, this one is cheering me up, I'd forgotten I'd done this. The person asked for animals wearing clothes or accessories, including a squirrel. So I did the squirrel, and then I did the pigeon head where accidentally it looked like it was looking over its shoulder in some sort of fashion pose, and BANG, all of a sudden I knew I was looking at a page from The Animal Models Catalog. I wish I'd made the otter more expressive somehow, but I need more otter practice to coax that chillwave vibe out of whiskers and wet fur.


I'd been looking forward to this one, but when I started penciling it out I realized that it was somewhat of a nightmare. Normally I love repeating patterns, but the detail in copying this picture turned out to be overwhelming. I hope the person who receives it isn't too disappointed. I think it still has some good qualities, but an accurate representation of the Budapest Parliament it is not.


Fortunately, a somewhat-accurate rendering of the old firehouse in Montecito was just the thing to help me get a little of my drawing confidence back.

Does anyone else feel like blogging's just about dead? Maybe it's just me.