Day Eleven!

Camp Mighty! Here we see the tent in which speakers spoke to us today. I am not a big Oprah fan but I learned a lot from Brian Piotrowicz, a lovely man who works with Oprah and who showed us a clip of himself hugging Carol Burnett and crying. He talked a lot about setting a pure intention for what you do, and I realized that (a) I go into so many things half-assed and wonder why they don't work out, but when I have a clear intention they always do, and (b) I once saw Carol Burnett in a restaurant where I was having dinner, and I didn't cry, but if she had come up and asked for a hug . . . no, I probably wouldn't have cried then either. But I do love Carol Burnett.

Evany gave what is hands down the single most enjoyable PowerPoint presentation I've ever seen, and I think they were filming/taping it so if it gets uploaded somewhere I will link the everloving shit out of it. She spoke about being somewhat anti-life list, and being open to what life brings you in the moment rather than planning things too precisely. Here I realized that if you resist life list-style planning, as I do, it still behooves you to embrace chance, opportunity, and as previously stated, intention. I'm still sorting this out, and will provide updates as enlightenment occurs. (I have hugged Evany. Without crying, so far, but the weekend's not over yet.)

EDITED TO ADD: The Charity Water initiative that a lot of you donated to in the raffle raised more than $20,000, and by 11:11 a.m. today, 11/11/11, was able to help 1,111 people have clean water. That, my friend Sting, is SYNCHRONICITY.