Personal Ads from My Closet

Size 10 1/2 orange patent peep-toe wedges seeks LTR with compatible Autumn skirt or cuffed trousers. Likes: pedicures, creating blisters, Halloween. Dislikes: puppies, cobblestones, thick socks. Can we go together? Let's find out!

Peasant skirt, size 10 but I'll work on a 12 who likes a snug fit. Stiff imported cotton, thick floral border, my waistband is always erect. You: plush and hippy, like to have your fun standing up. Reply to box #1193

Missed Connections: Laundry hamper, Monday 8/31. Me: men's seersucker bathrobe of a certain age, I crisp up after a cold wash and a hot dryer. You: Buzz Lightyear beach towel infused with the bewitching scent of Coppertone. Our fibers mingled. Will our hearts? Reply to box #924

Victim of crafting accident seeks immediate medical attention. M*A*S*H episode gone awry, Frankenskirt constructed from Army surplus trousers and leftover kimono fabric. Torn and misunderstood, ISO Hawkeye who can trim loose threads, find lost button. Reply to box #271