THANK YOU kind, invisible people who live in the Internet!

It was kind of unfair for me to leave the big My Mom Is Dead post at the top of the page for so long, perhaps giving you the impression that I was too grief-stricken to lift the lid of my laptop and post my thanks to everyone who left their best wishes here.

I'm actually feeling pretty good. Really, amazingly good. For me, it seems like the first parent death kind of cleared the neural pathway for the second parent death to process a little more smoothly. In fact, I was so very mentally prepared for my mother to go that it was a total surprise how much I felt it physically. My body felt, and still feels, somewhat sore. If someone dies and takes a little part of you with them, then I'm missing a rib, I think, or some organ I can function without, but still feel the loss of. More appendix than kidney, I think -- my mother and I weren't kidney-close. But she was a part of me all the same.

I've got a couple of big-ass projects cooking and I am so pleased to tell you about the first of them right now, if you haven't heard already, which is how you, and me, and an unspecified number of attractive people are all going to read David Foster Wallace's Infinte Jest together this summer. It's totally a thing we're doing! Due to the fact that I've agreed to post my thoughts on what I've read on a weekly basis, I'm probably going to get past page 130 this time.