So I put on my shoes and drove to town

Wow, what are we on, day sixteen? It took me that long to hit the wall?

Uh, I was going to write up a little photo documentary of Cookie's trip to the vet to get her anal glands expressed, but I decided against it. It's like, whose privacy can I violate now that my husband and kid are basically off limits? There has to be a line, even with a dog.

Or maybe I was just thinking of you and what you're willing to put up with. The expression of anal glands. It's like traveling to a foreign country. Anal glands have some funny expressions!

The planets deemed it so that I have not one but TWO social engagements last night, during which I was privileged to have glimpsed the human heart in a few of its many -- here's that word again -- expressions. Today I realized how I really like people, but I've spent so many years thinking that I just don't know how to mesh with the larger populace. It's like believing you don't know how to blink -- it should be automatic, but once you start thinking about it you get all fucked up with the doing of it to the point where you can't leave the house because now you've also forgotten how to drive and wear shoes. You become a pile of collapsed applications.