Day 17

Dogs are just like kids, they give you no personal space. You're sitting on the toilet and they walk right up. "Make me a sandwich," they say.

"Look, I'm kind of busy at the moment," you say. So they just sit there and stare at your face until you're done. No pressure or anything.

Then they follow you to the next room. "What are we doing?" they ask. "Are we going for a walk? Are we going to play ball? I think I have some time for a belly rub."

You sit down in front of your computer and lay your face down on the keyboard, eyes closed. "Go to sleep," you say, "I need to work."

This is where kids and dogs are different. A kid will not go to sleep. A dog will not climb into your lap and demand navigation to YouTube. A kid will go watch the Disney channel and learn to roll his eyes at you. A dog will keep your feet warm.