Better Off Without a Wife

Okay, the consensus is that I have forgotten how to take myself out and show myself a good time. This is what happens when after years of marriage you have to learn how to date yourself again. Next time I'll put on a little shopping music -- nothing too interruptive -- and then I'll slide over and say, "Oh, I think you have something in your eye." Then I'll thoroughly take advantage of myself.

Jackson has proclaimed last night's Lakers game "the most fun thing I've ever done in my LIFE," and he has the foam finger to prove it. And Jack has a new Lakers hat, and I have new ammunition with which to provoke derisive chuckling from my Celtics-loving yoga teacher.

It's got bling! And I use that word in the whitest, most suburban, Transformers-watching way possible.

Day twenty-six and that's what I've got, I thank you for your time.