Summer Plans

I thought I should mention that I plan on going to the BlogHer conference in San Francisco this July. It's on the same weekend as the yoga workshop I really wanted to go to again, but since I bailed on the conference last year I felt like I should maybe start alternating -- one year I'll spend that weekend being a limber, hiking vegan, and the next year I'll spend it shopping, chatting, and eating my weight in dim sum.

So, barring another death in the family, I will be there. I'm trying to organize a reading night where people can get up and read their favorite posts and then have lots of cocktails to help them calm down. It's not on the schedule yet but we're working that out and when we do we'll have an open call for submissions.

Lastly, I put another image and link in my sidebar, it's for Rita Arens's anthology "Sleep is for the Weak," which you can order from giant online retailers (here and here), or from local independent booksellers (here). It features lots of bloggers who are also parents, including me. The cover art is adorable! I'm told it makes an excellent baby shower gift. There will be a launch party for the book at BlogHer, and lots of events all over the country and at some point in September I will be at a book event down in L.A. with some of the other folks in the book so stay tuned. I know I've said I feel comfortable speaking in public but the idea of doing a book signing is making me hyperventilate four months in advance. What's the difference? The difference is that one thing doesn't scare the shit out of me and the other one does. /sales pitch.