Argh. ARGH!

I have neglected to mention here that I decided to take NaBloPoMo monthly. This was mainly because it felt like we have a nice little site going over there and several thousand people just sitting around waiting for next November to make it busy again.

So now! If you feel like it! You can try posting every day for one whole month, except that month doesn't necessarily have to be November. And if it helps you to have a theme for your blogging, we're going to go with Lists for March. Lists are nice! Because if I've said it once I've said it at least, like, eleven times, paragraphs are for pussies.

I can't believe I just signed up for this again. Thirty-one days of posting! Go me! Argh.

Jackson asked me what "argh" means this morning as we were getting into the car to go to school. "It's an expression of frustration," I said, and then I tried saying ARRGH a few different ways. Saying it as though I'd just spilled my coffee; saying it as though my legs were being gnawed off by hyenas. Jackson had just dropped his toothbrush on the ground so I guess he was looking for a way to give fresh voice to his dismay.