Memo to the World

I have very little to give you at the moment, so I'm stealing from the ever-refulgent Antonia, who went and had the nerve to steal it from Menosblog:

Now That I'm FINALLY In Charge Let It Be Noted That

1. All five-year-old boys will be required, when they open their eyes in the morning, to sit bolt upright and shout "I'M AWAKE!" at the top of their lungs, for it amuses their mothers very much indeed.

2. Said five-year-old boys will also, when inadvertently confronted with a picture of a topless swim-suit model, point and say, "THAT's what I'm talking about."

3. All dogs will be covered under their owners' health insurance, so that when suddenly lethargic young English bulldogs are taken to the vet it will not cost $2,000.00 to get them out again.

4. And no symptoms will be found present that may be attributable, in the worst case scenario before further tests rule it out, to cancer.

5. And if it is cancer, they'll be able to take care of it with surgery.

6. And even if the doctors say that after surgery and chemo the cancer will still come back, you will still have some quality time left with your sweet little Katie.

7. And it will not break your five-year-old son's heart into a million pieces.

Katie has cancer. More when I find out myself.