Let's go over to Dave's house!

As my template identity crisis continues I thought I'd share some photos from last week when we went over to Dave's house to watch him work on his cars. This is The Bucket. Dave built this from spare parts from other cars. He actually registered it at the DMV. They were all, What's the VIN? And he was all, I don't know, I built the fucken thing out of scrap. Only in California will they give plates to a car that has its gas tank in the front seat.

Dave asked Jackson if he wanted to take a ride around the block in it. Jackson, whose self-preservation instincts are fully intact, said, Dave, you are out of your precious gear head if you think I'm going to put my ass in that rolling hand grenade.

The back of Dave's DeSoto. Thing goes so fast your lungs will collapse from the g-force. Gave me a new banner, though. Thanks, Dave!