Hi! Where have I been! I've been writing for money. Here, I write for love. But love won't pay the preschool bill. So I took some wee freelance gigs. Maybe there will be more! That would be nice. Just write, write, write, walk to the mailbox, cash the check, write, write, write.

But I've been writing other, stupider things, too! For no money. I decided to start another blog solely for the purpose of slapping every kind of ad I can get on it with a minimum of personal content. I consulted my friend, Joe, who makes lots of money off the Web without leaving his house. As a matter of fact, he would like to leave the house a little more often, but the Internet is a cruel mistress and she demands a fair amount of maintenance. Servers have a way of going down, you know -- and not in a good way.

So Joe told me to focus on something I was interested in that would also draw advertisers. And I was thinking about it one night while I was lying in bed, waiting for an idea to come to me, and it did. That idea was: YOGABEANS.

Yes, yogabeans! Your Internet source for plastic action figures demonstrating ashtanga yoga.

Yeah, I know. What the hell?

I love yoga, as some readers of this site may know, but ever since Jackson was born I've never managed to get a steady practice back. Which is really fucking frustrating. But one of the ways I've dealt with this frustration is, whenever I'm playing with Jackson, I start bending his action figures into yoga poses. And I found it was really satisfying, to get Spider-man to get a good arch in his back bend, or get his foot rotated properly in ardha baddha padmottanhasana.

And so like every other fetishist on the planet, one day I thought, I wonder if anyone else likes doing this, too? And so yogabeans was born. It's a heartwarming story, I know!

So, I've only got one post up so far and no links yet and I haven't managed to get all the ads up and this may all end up being a stupid failure on the money-making tip, but hey! Where else are you going to see knights made out of Legos doing Urdhva Muhka Svanasana?


It's a weird little corner of the Internet, but it's all mine.

EDITED TO ADD: Well, okay, it's not all mine.