Two quick Katrina related things:

Firstly, Deb is organizing Operation Panty Drop, delivering brand-spankin'-new underpants to people in Houston who've been displaced and dispossessed by the hurricane. Send new knickers only, please -- seriously, how would you feel if someone handed you a pair of used panties? Well, okay, it depends on the panties, I KNOW THAT, but pretend you don't get turned on by things like that and just mail her a couple of new pairs of Hanes or something.

Secondly, Liz went to Houston to help out with relief efforts and all she brought was my lousy t-shirt. Well, that's not true, but she's an incredible human being for going down there and actually finding a way to help people, and she's spreading the Fussy philosophy while she does it! I'm not sure that if you've been sitting in the Astrodome with no underwear for two weeks you're going to agree that "writing well is the best revenge" -- it reminds me of that bit of dialogue from Manhattan where Woody Allen is at a cocktail party talking about some Nazis getting ready to march in New Jersey and a woman standing with him says, "There is this devastating satirical piece on that on the Op Ed page of the Times" about it, and Allen says, "A satirical piece in the Times is one thing, but bricks and baseball bats really get right to the point." So, you know, revenge through good grammar and incisive adjectives is a useful long-term project, but food, water, clean sheets, and cash are still a priority at the moment.