Yesterday's post and comments raised some questions again for me. Like, how many more crappy nostalgiac posts about my youth will I make you skim through how will I talk to Jackson about big kid stuff like drugs. Will I tell him that they're all bad? Or that some drugs can be used responsibly, as I instinctively knew when I was a teenager. I tried lots of things, once, and never went back. Maybe I don't have an "addictive personality" (although it took quite a few years to kick the Marlboros), but there are some heavy hitters in Jackson's bloodline who vasocongest at the sight of a cocktail onion. But most especially, do I tell him the pre-AIDS story about drinking the bottle of Southern Comfort and having sex in the booth at the porn shop and then spending five minutes trying to get my key in the door until my mom finally opened it, let me sleep with all my clothes on, and put a trash can next my bed? Or do I just stand there like a billboard spouting empty abstention rhetoric because it's just less confusing to say DON'T DO DRUGS OR HAVE SEX BEFORE YOU'RE IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP, EVEN THOUGH I DID! AND IT WAS FUN!

ALSO: The link's nine months old, but good post and discussion here.