Driving to the grocery store

Jackson: I wish you guys gave me a cool name.

Me: Like what?

Jackson: Like BOWSER.

Me: (WTF?) Bowser? From Sha Na Na?

Jackson: No, you big chicken head.

Me: I'm not a chicken head, I'm a wonderful, beautiful mommy.

Jackson: You're a chicken head and you smell like old cheese!

Me: *sigh*

On the way home

Jackson: I wish you and daddy had named me Shark Boy.

Me: Shark Boy.

Jackson: And then I could be friends with sharks and feed them sushi, and I would give them all names. I'd name them . . .

Me: Bowser?

Jackson: . . . Bowser, and Pokemon, and Sean, and Good Milk.

Me: God I hope I can remember all this when I get home.