Not to compare myself to or make light of the devastating international situation, but preschooldaycare is open again, my boss went to India for three weeks, and I am home alone at 1:47 on a Monday afternoon recovering from two weeks in a shrinking apartment entertaining a three-year-old while it poured rain outside every fucking day. Hooray! Should I have a margarita now or wait until it's five o'clock in Bangor, Maine?

This is a picture of a barber shop on Victoria Street. It's owned by a man named Franco and he wasn't there this morning so I couldn't take his picture for you, but he is handsome and very friendly and has impeccable hair. He decorates his tiny building like a gingerbread house every year in the hope of winning some building-decorating award that I don't know about. So I don't know if he won this year or not but the holidays are over and he'll be taking it all down soon so I thought I should get a shot for you before it was gone.