You asked for it. Here it is:

It's a terrible picture, I know. It doesn't come close to capturing the grandeur, so let me explain once again. Lottery winner. Adds white marble facade. And the wooden statue, that you can barely see, unfortunately*, that is not a Statue of Liberty, it's actually a Native American Woman Cradling a Palm Frond Whilst Brandishing An Orb That Looks Exceedingly Catholic. If anyone has any guesses as to whom that could be, I'd love to hear them. The Christmas decorations are practically invisible, but at night a twinkly Santa and his twinkly reindeer use the front hedge as a runway. The American flag flies year round, as does the California state flag. All in all, a monument to D.I.Y. home improvement. I'm not sure how all this irrepressible glee passed the notoriously difficult Architectural Board of Review, eight local architectural tastemakers who ensure that all new building and renovation in Santa Barbara does not deviate from the prevalent Spanish Oppressor style. Somebody obviously knows somebody.

*Notice the security gates plastered with the signs of various surveillance companies? Not real inviting. Notice my side-view mirror at the bottom of the frame? I stayed in my car.