Just so everyone knows: I really, really, really, really, really wanted to cut my hair last week. Just a little, because it's all stupid over my ears and the back really does look like an ape's ass, but I thought about my commitment to you, the interweb, and my god I can't back out now! I have to document my increasing humiliation no matter how low my sexual self-esteem plummets! But, knowing this can't go on forever, and that no one is going to care in about twelve minutes, I have decided to set a limit on this ridiculous experiment. As of September 15, 2005, one year from the day I started, assuming we all haven't died of boredom, I will cease to produce a daily head shot. Then, knowing myself as I kind of do, I will probably give myself another home haircut that day and the whole process will mysteriously repeat itself without anyone knowing about it, because then I'm also going to start wearing one of those hats with fake dreadlocks coming out from underneath. Because if I've ever learned anything ahead of time before, it's that there's nothing you can do to your hair that won't undo itself eventually anyway, but it doesn't hurt to invest in a crappy wig.