This one song came on the radio while we were driving

Jack: Is this the Motels?

Me: I guess.

Jack: No, it's Gwen Stefani. Which makes sense; she grew up in L.A.

*thoughtful pause*

Me: Remember New Wave?

Jack: And how important it was?

Me: Oh my God we must be old, we're chuckling.

Maybe Santa will bring him some headphones

Last night Jackson dragged his little stool right up to the TV and stood with his nose pressed against the glass while Shirley Manson sang "Stupid Girl."

But we have so much accumulated knowledge to share!

The Explainer, a.k.a. Me (trying to extract a lesson from the next video, in which guys in cars with spinning rims try to attract girls in hot pants): Jackson, you know what?

Jackson (now sitting quietly expectant over his bowl of dinosaur shaped Spaghetti-Os): ?

Me: Oh, God, I don't know if I should even say this.

Jackson: ??

Me: Jackson, you don't need a fancy car to get girls to like you.

Jack: You just need to be sweet.

Me: You just need to be sweet and smart. And funny.

Jack: But we already know there's something funny about you.

Jackson (ignoring our incredible wisdom): Look! I found another pterodactyl!