Who has time?

It's gray and cloudy today, and while I was (or should I say whilst) driving through that roundabout thing that I complained about a few weeks ago, I found I was following an actual Mini. Not one of those fancy new ones, but one of those dangerously small, doesn't-belong-on-an-American-road Morris Minis, and I thought about this picture.

See how grey and cloudy it was in Actual Britain the day my father took that picture of me in 1985. And not a druid in sight.

So, while I was driving and thinking my cloudy thoughts, P.J. Harvey was singing I have no time for hate and love. But the way she sings that line, all hollowed-out and covered with guitar, pronounced closer to hade and love, I kept thinking she was saying I have no time for anal love, and I pounded the steering wheel and shouted, Yes! Anal love IS time consuming, isn't it! I mean, unless you want to just go at it with watery eyes and pass out halfway through, it takes a great deal of gentle maneuvering, not to mention an open mind, to make it work.

Yes, yet another complaint from busy mothers everywhere. Who? Who has time for anal love?