I have the mommy's equivalent of Alzheimer's today, i.e., I forget everything I want to post the moment I think of it. Due to general boy-mahem ("Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" "WHAT?" "A spider put a web around my head!" etc.). I did, however, snatch a moment to read this and enjoyed it quite a bit. Sample bit of Hollywood e-mail love:

Personally, I feel you've made a career out of being a sycophant to Carrey or Shandling or Roseanne, and when you weren't kissing ass you were stealing from lesser-known comics or leeching off other people's ideas ("Celtic Pride," "Cable Guy"). I noticed how outraged you were to not get a writing credit on "Cable Guy" until it came out and was panned. You dropped that cause like the showbiz weasel you are. You may not think you're a thief, but most comics know otherwise. And again, you know that too. Have you ever read "What Makes Sammy Run"? I think you'd like it. Get cancer.