I rarely think about posting something while I'm experiencing it, but Hey! Parking Lot Blowjob Man! Dude, I saw you cruising through Macy's at lunchtime the other day. One look at those shoes and I knew it was you. What are you, Roumanian or something? Nothing against Roumanians, my sister-in-law married (and divorced) a Roumanian and he was one charming motherfucker, even as they drove through Polish police checkpoints, at night, in the winter, in some crap Roumanian car, to bring his mother a Christmas present of several jugs of cooking oil. But whatever about that -- who's your partner there with the severely eighties bleached mushroom hair and the bright yellow vest-and-slacks outfit? You guys must be the toast of Bucharest. No wonder homeless girls fling themselves at you. Good luck on that threesome with the retarded girl who sweeps up at Salvation Army that you're trying to set up for later. You guys rock.