This is what happens after you cough up $89 for a VillaWare Farmyard Waffle Maker:

Me (putting plate in front of Jackson): Here's your waffle!
Jackson: (looks at plate silently)
Me: It's a barn!
Jackson: (no response)
Me: A barn is a huge house where cows and horses and other animals live together and eat hay.
Jackson: Oh. (starts eating)

Ten minutes later.

Me: Ready for another waffle?
Jackson (pounding high-chair tray with fork): YES!
Me (putting plate in front of Jackson): It's a pig!
Jackson: (lip trembling)
Me: What's wrong?
Jackson: I don't want pig!
Me: It's a cow!
Jackson (tears big as lightbulbs running down his cheeks): It's a PIG!
Jack: Nice work, honey.

Moral: Pig waffles seek truffles. For trouble-free toddlers, offer square waffles.