Did I mention that I've been posting from Hawaii since Monday? I had far more important things on my mind, obviously, like telling you about the guy riding the shopping cart and popcorns and Hulk Hands. But, you know, I am sitting on a beach watching a guy pull a net full of small silver fish out of the ocean – "bait," says Jack – and a woman named Julie just offered to get me a beer and it's only just barely 10:00 a.m.

But blogging is never far from my mind! Last night I dreamed about one of my favorite Fussy commenters! I dreamed that the eponymous Bob Henderson was actually the author of a famous series of humorous reference books. "Not bait," now says Jack, just back from a quick talk with the guy with the net, "they barbecue them and eat them with rice." And because I am still the voracious name dropper you know and tolerate, I'll mention that Jack had a nice chat with a chubby, tattooed Rob Lowe the other day, swapping tips about day trips and other vacation pleasantries. And last night after dinner we sat in the hotel lobby under a fantastically early-sixties colored glass chandelier listening to a man who looked just like my college philosophy advisor play the most haunting and beautiful (and, I suppose, only) version of "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" for solo piano that I have ever heard. I have finished Harry Potter I and am on to I Don't Know How She Does It. I have a terrible head cold and I've had my period since we got here, my son is having so much fun at Grandma's Summer Camp that as soon as I get him on the phone he shouts "BYE!" And even knowing that the credit card bill is going to make my hair stand on end, life is pretty goddamn okay right now.

I hope it is for you, too.