Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty, Thanks for hitting the newspaper last night! Bravo!

Hugs, Mom

Dear Jackson,

How do you like hearing "No!" eight thousand times a day? Fun, isn't it? I like it, too, it's very relaxing.

I also like the way you've started throwing things at my head. The cell phone didn't leave the bruise you were hoping for, though. And nice try grabbing for the butcher's knife while your dad was making dinner last night! A-plus! (Next time, try setting the oven to 450° and putting your head inside to distract him first.)

However, I think the karmic wheel rolled your way this morning at the doctor's office: your naked ass on a scale in a refrigerated exam room. And shots, too. Three of them. Ouch! I bet you were wishing you hadn't thrown the Tylenol out the car window. Heh. Oh, well, AT LEAST YOU DID IT IN STYLE.

Oh, sure, we all obey Miffy, but it takes a really, really stoned-looking little primate to shop with Monkey!

Love always, Mom <--- click