Another side-effect of Fiesta is that the town is swamped with Inlanders. You know, farm folks and people from other sunbaked places that aren't quite so close to the ocean or as affluent (read: shot in the ass with themselves) as we are. Compared to the local save-Tibet-with-your-decaf-vanilla-latte crowd, they stand out screaming with the mullets and unironic tattoos and the pressed overalls (for the true farmers) and the God Bless America caps. They also tend to walk around the grocery store complaining about the prices in a really loud voice, maybe trying to embarrass the manager into putting everything on sale? Does that work in other towns? If so, I will adopt the practice immediately, starting at Saks and working my way down through Nordstrom, Lazy Acres, and the little toy shop that sells those fantastic hardwood kugelbahns.