Pardon me, but I feel guilty about yesterday's post.

I feel bad for saying that Mr. Noodle and his brother, Mr. Noodle, act "gay," even though both actors are known for having played gay roles in films, and are obviously comfortable with bringing a little sass to their Mr. Noodles, as are the producers of Sesame Street. So why do I feel bad about pointing it out? I'm not sure. I have stereotypes, and I guess I brought it up because I admire the way Jack is able to embrace his and make fun of himself for having them all at once, the way he can love you for your gayness/blackness/latinoness/womanness/guyness and give you a big ration of shit for it at the same time.

There is a widespread contention here in Southern California that a certain ethnic group should not be allowed behind the wheel of a car. It's a stupid, insulting stereotype that 75% of the time is right on the money, which makes me absolutely furious.

I don't want everyone to act the same or look the same, but I seem to want some people to quit doing the things that other people make fun of them for, to protect them from something I can't explain or defend.