My new favorite part of Sesame Street

My new favorite part of Sesame Street is when Elmo opens the window shade and says, "Look! It's Mr. Noodle's brother, Mr. Noodle!" Every time Jack sees Mr. Noodle or his brother he just says, "Gay, gay, gay." Every time Jack tells his business partner, Gregg (who is gay), about something new that Jackson is doing that could be perceived as gay -- such as his current infatuation with drapery (Jackson will hide behind a curtain, and then FLING it open with his arm in a dramatic fashion and laugh -- ha ha ha! -- and I don't think he's seen that many John Barrymore films yet -- "Grand Hotel" was on the other night, but he was asleep -- Or so I thought! -- and anyway, John Barrymore couldn't have been completely gay, he had four wives . . . ?) -- Gregg says, "Admit it, you want Jackson to be straight." And Jack says, with complete and utter sincerity, "I don't give a shit who he wants to fuck." I call this one "Professor Wittgenstein as a Child."