None of us have felt good this year

One of my favorite blogs is Anil Dash's shrdlu winograd maclisp teletype. For me, it strikes a good balance of thought-provoking essays and smartass fun. After reviewing someone else's web log for the Peer-to-Peer Review Project, I started wondering why I'm keeping a web log at all. Because if you read enough of the wrong kind of blog, you just want to throw up your hands and yell I don't give a shit, motherfucker! Grow up! Wake up! Lighten up! Which is probably what dozens of people have thought about this blog, too, I'm sure. *sigh*

Maybe it's time for a poem.

The Immortals

None of us have felt good this year:

pus around the eyes,

sores that come and go with no explanation.

But we still believe we will come through it!

I signal this news

by lifting a little finger.

James Tate, 1972