Eden M. Kennedy

Eden M. Kennedy is the co-author (with Alice Bradley) of the book Let's Panic About Babies! (St. Martin's Press).

A former college-radio DJ, Mrs. Kennedy has driven cross-country six times in a 1973 Volkswagen Bug and enjoys standing on her head.

Currently she works a straight job and is just about finished writing her first novel.

None of us have felt good this year

One of my favorite blogs is Anil Dash's shrdlu winograd maclisp teletype. For me, it strikes a good balance of thought-provoking essays and smartass fun. After reviewing someone else's web log for the Peer-to-Peer Review Project, I started wondering why I'm keeping a web log at all. Because if you read enough of the wrong kind of blog, you just want to throw up your hands and yell I don't give a shit, motherfucker! Grow up! Wake up! Lighten up! Which is probably what dozens of people have thought about this blog, too, I'm sure. *sigh*

Maybe it's time for a poem.

The Immortals

None of us have felt good this year:

pus around the eyes,

sores that come and go with no explanation.

But we still believe we will come through it!

I signal this news

by lifting a little finger.

James Tate, 1972