I'm thinking of stealing a domain name

I'm thinking of stealing a domain name right out from under the noses of the selfish, unimaginative looosers who own fussy.com, .net, and .org. Other options (courtesy of Register.com): fussybiscuits, fussycookies, crosscookies, and grumpybiscuits. This morning's breakfast revelation: They're not just Cheerios, they're little overbaked plain doughnuts. Mmm, doughnuts.

Things Jackson learned yesterday

1. Do not push a drawer shut while gripping with your fingers over the top of the drawer.

2. Do not put one hand on the toilet seat and use the other hand to slam the toilet seat lid down.

Things Jackson learned this morning

1. The bathroom floor is slippery after daddy takes a shower.

2. The bathroom floor is hard, but you can break your fall by hitting your chin on the edge of the tub first.

3. Oatmeal is good.

For six months after you give birth, your hair falls out. Nobody warned me about this, I just slowly watched in horror as my hair thinned and my shower drain clogged up. During pregnancy your body goes through an incredible surge of growth; your fingernails need cutting constantly, your hair looks fabulous, your skin glows, etc. Then, after you give birth, your body goes through a long resting phase and things slow way down; hence the alopecia. However, precisely six months after Jackson was born, my hair stopped falling out and the shower stopped looking like the wolf-woman's dressing room. I didn't really think about it anymore, until the other day when I lifted the hair from my forehead to brush it and I noticed an inch-long fringe of bangs underneath.