What will happen on Day Three?

Here's something interesting you may not know about me (and millions of other people): I am/we are not allowed to donate blood. Because I was a student in the U.K. (at the University of Edinburgh) for a year during the Mad Cow Disease Era, my blood is now suspect. It doesn't matter that I don't remember being much of a spinal-cord-and-brain eater at the time*, and feel fairly confident that I don't have The Madness lying dormant in me (oh my god), but just saying I survived on baked potatoes and shortbread cookies that year isn't good enough for the Red Cross. *And never will be no matter what Anthony Bourdain says

My "donate to Charity Water/Red Cross and get a whimsical drawing!" plea is still in full force. However, I have to cap my Red Cross matching funds to double what you wonderful, beautiful people donated during the first two days only. I'm sorry to have to do that, but even as new donations come in we're still going to end up sending $200 to Charity Water and (as of this morning) nearly $500 to the Red Cross. All new donations will get a drawing from me and the money will henceforth go straight to the Red Cross.

So, FINE, Red Cross, you won't take my BLOOD so here's a big pile of MONEY.

I hope it helps.