Of course I'm doing NaBloPoMo

I am going down to Camp Mighty next week and in order for them to let me in, I need to bring $200 with me to donate to Charity Water. Last year, the money raised by Camp Mighty attendees helped to bring fresh water to 1,000 people. This year, we're giving to help build wells in Rwanda, where they will change people's lives in ways I probably can't accurately imagine. However, in light of the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy on people from Cuba to Canada, some of whom are friends of mine, here's what I'm going to do.

I'm asking you to donate whatever you can to my Charity Water/Hurricane Sandy combo plan. (I'm just the middleman, none of it goes into my wallet.) You can donate $1.00 if you want and I will thank you personally via e-mail and tell you how everyone envies what you're doing with your hair. If you send me $5.00, I will draw almost whatever you want on a 3 x 5 postcard and send it to you. If you send me $15.00 I'll frame it as a commemorative knick-knack ready for holiday giving. Below are some examples of what I'm willing to draw (i.e., nothing outright pornographic or disturbingly violent).(This is just stuff from my sketchbook. Your drawing will be brand new and just for you.)

Random California landscapes

Intergenerational laundry-doing

Old ladies thinking about sex

Spiritual beings

Hand lettering of the sentiment of your choice

A nerd in a kilt

Inexplicable channellings of the Universe

Whatever money I receive above the main $200 I need for Charity Water will go directly to the Red Cross, and I will match it dollar for dollar. UPDATE: I am matching for the first two days of donations only, and I'm sorry to cap it like that but I've raided my yoga retreat/shoe fund/art-supply-and-lunch-money piggy bank and, as of Saturday morning, that means we're still sending almost $500 to the Red Cross. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS, KIDS. Keep donating and I'll keep drawing and everything from now on will go directly to the Red Cross.

Here's the PayPal button. You know what to do. Thanks for even considering it.