The picture frames I ordered finally came so I'm sending out more drawings tomorrow, but the hardest one to let go of has been this guy:

I really wanted to keep him. I asked Jack what I should do.

"Keep it and draw another one to send out," he said. I don't know if you know that Jack is a painter, and he understands that sometimes you don't want to give away your loved ones so instead you charge a shitload of money for them. But that was not an option. However, before I put my sheep friends in an envelope I drew a copy of them!

Which didn't look quite right. The sheep's head was too big and the sheep dog was stumpy.

I made another one!

Which still didn't look quite right. The sheep's head is misshapen but now I am on a roll and may end up copying this particular scenario exclusively from here on out. This could cause a lot of confusion, I realize. You asked for dinosaurs, you get sheep. You asked for a tree? You get sheep. California landscape? California landscape with SHEEP.