Some Thoughts On Day Six

You know what turns out to be everso just a little nerve wracking for someone who has plenty of electricity, a healthy child, and who doesn't know what it's like to have no home at all right now? Drawing pictures for people who have given you five dollars. I'm trying to stay loose and just sort of, you know, channel it -- and I know nobody's expecting a timeless work of art, but it's been a little awkward getting started. However, as part of my life list pledge to draw every day and shame myself track my progress by posting my efforts, I am going to show you some of the stuff I've been dropping in the mail. For my very first drawing I wanted to make an owl wearing overalls. I didn't question the source of this inspiration, I just went for it. But look:

It's a sad owl, and he's got a barn owl face mixed with eared-owl ears, and he's wearing an overalls barrel, and I have no idea what's up with the smiling flower pots.

So then I thought, maybe instead of making up zoological problems for myself I should try to draw something that's right in front of me, so I went outside and I ended up with this:

This wonderful donor specifically asked for a drawing with "no boobs" in it, so my constraint was to draw anything else in the world besides boobs. As you can see, I can work with those kinds of restrictions; they might even free me up. My watchword with writing assignments has always been that constraints sometimes free us to think in new ways, and I think the same thinking applies to crazy little drawings, too.

Thank you again for all the donations, I'm closing it down tonight and sending all the money out tomorrow morning, and I'll post the total amount of our donation then. I've already sent the $200 to Charity Water, so that's done. I really appreciate the way so many people were able to come out and give.

Two drawings down, sixty-two drawings to go.