Eight Bait Mate Plait Concentrate

I'm still not done e-mailing people to ask them what they want me to draw and it's been a week! What the hell, me? If you haven't heard from me, you will soon; or, if you didn't put a note on your PayPal donation telling me what to draw, you can e-mail me your instructions (fussy at fussy dot org). Honestly, I spent the entire day organizing this stuff and only got one drawing done. Just to be clear, no one has yet asked me to draw anything with a sneezing fetish or sickness theme, so that drawing capped the least-efficient day of drawing request fulfilling in drawing request-fulfilling history. I guess this one's going to sit in the box waiting for just the right person to come along, and then we'll put it on their tombstone after he or she has hacked his or her lungs up or has been struck down by The Ungodly Head Cold of 2012.

And now I have to go make ravioli. Why are there only 24 hours in a day? I need at least 36 to fit everything in.