Winter sky

This may be a bad idea, but I'm going to try to post every weekday of 2012.

So, yeah. How about that!

(The exit is behind you, try not to knock anything over on the way out.)

New Year's Resolutions

1. Get stronger (back to yoga) 4. Love everyone and tell the truth 2. Stop eating M&Ms for lunch 5. Blog like it's 2002 3. Get a pet porcupine and let Jackson name it. (Jackson says he would name a porcupine Quill. He would name a guinea pig Oink, and if we had a white bunny he would name it Frost. If we had a white bunny named Frost then we'd have to get a suspicious mole and name it Nixon.)

So, okay! One day down, 261 to go, more or less, this being a leap year and me not being interested in precision.