Jackson is a remarkably articulate 10-year-old, in my not-even-trying-to-be-unbiased opinion, but he still stumbles over words occasionally. Naturally, the way he stumbles reveals a deeper genius. I'm not saying I'm responsible for his genius, I'm just saying I've noticed it. I think what happened was he was telling me about how someone in one of his video games pummeled someone else, but he didn't say pummeled, he said pumbled. And I was all, does that mean he was pummeled and humbled at the same time? He was pumbled? Because that kind of makes sense.

Not that everyone who gets pummeled gets humbled; I think a certain type of person would see a pummeling as an opportunity to become a great, big asshole. But another type might say: "Wow, you know what? I need to make some changes." That person has been pumbled.

(Urban Dictionary gives an alt.def. as someone who has been pummeled and tumbled. We are the world, we are the children.)