Also, it's Friday

Good morning! I have a small but important announcement, which is that I have three other posts up on other sites that might interest you. If you go to this post about Christmas movies and to this post about my secret profane sweaty nerd boyfriend Louis CK, and then leave a comment on both of them, you may accidentally win a Dell computer. Yes, I'm doing this again because Dell seems to have extra computers lying around so why not give one to someone with the good taste and spare time to read my blog? Exactly. (UPDATE: we're past the deadline and the computer's been given away, but there might be something life-affirming for you there anyway.)

If you go to this post, on the other hand, you won't win anything, but you may learn a thing or two about not losing your mind over the holidays. Plus, if I can get enough eyeballs on it I won't lose my job over there. WIN-WIN.

Thank you for your kind attention. Have a wonderful day.