Day Sixteen

Jack invented these a few weeks back, and with Thanksgiving rolling up on us you might want to try making them and then feeling really grateful about what you've just done.

Take one half-strip of partially-cooked bacon and lay it around the inside of the cup of a muffin tin. Then take two half-strips of partially-cooked bacon and lay them in an X across the bottom of the cup. Bake at medium heat until brown. (Jack is asleep in bed next to me as I write this and I don't want to wake him up to get exact numbers here, sorry.) While still in the tin, fill the bacon baskets with pureed pumpkin, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, or other delicious autumn melon. (Holy God, I'm tired, what the fuck is an "autumn melon"? I can't believe I have to stay up and write more after this. Help.) Top with brown sugar, and then finish in the oven so the sugar bubbles a little. Cool. Stuff into face. Serves twelve, or six, depending on how your much your guests enjoy autumn melon.