I am tired

I've decided to continue ignoring Flickr and keep posting MY random photographs here on MY site. I don't care if it's inconvenient for everyone to have to come over to MY SITE to see MY THINGS. I don't care if no one misses me over in Flickrland. I'm happy that I have a bunch of old photos stored there, especially after my back-up hard drive ate the high-res versions (low-res is better than no-res at all), but fuck Flickr. Thank you, and fuck you. I frequently have both of those feelings at the same time, as I'm sure many people do. I love you but I fucking hate you. Equally. It feels right.

Here's the birthday cake I made for Jackson.

He wanted a bunch of Naruto stuff for his birthday, some of which he got. It turns out that the red cloud symbol is actually used by the Naruto bad-guy gangster types, the Akatsuki, but whatever. We can't all worship Pat Boone. I had an unhealthy desire to be a Playboy Bunny when I was a girl, but I got through it.

Man, I am cranky. Week-night sleepovers are a bad idea.