Spring is only 88 days away!

Things our storage unit has eaten lately:1. A box of my childhood photos that also included irreplaceable (non-digital) photos of Jackson's first year 2. A bunch of Jack's musical equipment that seems to mean more to him than it does to me (strange!) 3. The box containing my Yoda and C3PO Christmas ornaments, as well as the light-up, color-changing star/tree topper that I sort of loved and despised at the same time Our creative ways of making up for these losses: 1. Still working that out/trying to figure out who to blame 2. Slowly replacing each mysterious little component one by one, as finances permit 2. Making do with old Oakland Raiders and SpongeBob ornaments, and this:

Because nothing honors the mysterious journey of the three magi who followed a star in the eastern sky to honor the infant messiah than some wrinkly aluminum foil plastered around a misshapen cardboard star that's been taped to a popsicle stick and shoved into a beer cup.

It also makes a great Nerf gun target.

So Merry Christmas, everyone, and a prosperous solstice to you, as well. And now, a poll!