Lunch and other important topics

What did I just have for lunch? I'll tell you: it was the end of a bag of Veggie Booty, a small container of quinoa salad from Cantwell's, and 1/3 of a Debbie's brownie accompanied by some Yogi Tea or other that Jackson chose last time we were at Whole Foods. It's the sort of no-effort lunch that I excel at. My husband, on the other hand, came home at noon and cooked. Since lately we discovered something in his astrological chart that explains his drive toward culinary achievement, I don't feel quite so lax in comparison. Well, yes, I do, actually, but I can blame my indolence on the lack of Virgo in my astrology! I had my chart done a couple of weeks ago. I'd always felt sort of idly interested in what my planetary aspects were, but never enough to shell out 100+ bucks. But somehow, this felt like the time. (I heeded the mysterious call of the stars!) I contacted someone I found through the Internet who appeared to be extremely reputable, and we set up a time for a phone call. That time turned out to be 11/11 at 11 a.m. I'm not weird about numbers, but hey! That's a lot of elevens.

It turned out to be one of the most empowering 75-minute conversations I've had in quite some time, or maybe ever. It wasn't so much that she told me anything I didn't already know about myself, but she let me see that parts of myself I'd been dismissing or shoving down were really just asking to be integrated with the parts I was comfortable with. I suppose any shrink could tell you that, but it was one of those times where the right person says the right thing and the information finally clicks. Be whole!

I don't see the point in telling you the rest (except for that Saturn's letting me go after 30 years of breathing down my neck! And a shout out to the 11° Libra sisterhood!). In the meantime, I would like to bring it back around to lunch and recommend my friend Chris's new blog! He's a good cook and a good egg who recently adopted a dog named Jackson, so how can I not invite you to go over and say hello? (Warning: there may be Virgo in his chart as well.)