1282: Clarification

I'm happy for Meredith Baxter. She's in gay love with a contractor! I bet her rain gutters look fantastic. I wonder if she's reading the comments about her over at the Daily News? I love how the illiterate asses always throw in first, and then the vultures swoop in and rip them apart, and then the maggots swarm around for awhile, and then you get a couple of tortoises on the side of the road making smart remarks about the mess:

12:18:44 PM Dec 2, 2009

Oh my goodness. I am so shocked. What is this world coming to. Think of the children. Family values. America. What about the troops. Can I go back to watching SpongeBob now?

1:05:02 PM Dec 2, 2009

Majorette, SpongeBob and Patrick are gay together. Squidward is gay also. And Sandy the Squirrel is a big-time rug- (or is it seaweed)-muncher. Mrs. Puff and Pearl are getting it on. The only one on that show who's not gay is Mr. Krabs, who is in love only with money...LOL! In all serious, David Birney must love that his time was wasted with someone who wasn't even interested in his gender. At least they got 2 kids out of it.

1:06:13 PM Dec 2, 2009
To clarify, I was addressing Majorette, not saying that she was gay with SpongeBob and Patrick. There should've been a colon after her name, not a comma.