17: Better Ideas

What sort of monster would I be if I didn't pause to make fun of my own tragedies?

NaBloPoMo = National Blog Posting Month

NoBloPoMo = No, I won't be participating

NaBlowPoMo = In fact, I'll be devoting the month to oral sex

AmmoPoMo = And stockpiling weapons

BlammoPoMo = While watching Warner Bros. cartoons

BimboPoMo = And pornography

LimboPoMo = After which: margaritas!

NamblaPoMo = I didn't say child pornography

SamboPoMo = In fact, let's deconstruct some racist imagery instead

ShamBloPoMo = 30 shampoos in 30 days!

ShaNaNaBloPoMo = Blogging about allegedly simpler times