MORE Current Events

Did everyone remember it's almost time for National Blog Posting Month? I've sort of been dreading it all year and then Ian set up the blogroll to work in such an elegant manner that I no longer have to chain myself to the couch, gain 10 pounds, and develop my annual case of carpal tunnel to do it by hand. It's our fourth year, and in case you hadn't heard, all you have to do is post something on your blog every day in November. If you sign up at and enter your link onto the blogroll AND manage to post every day, you will be eligible for a PRIZE. Since I finally admitted to myself that I don't really like doing giveaways here on Fussy, I'm going to unload a whole bunch of stuff I've been holding back onto randomly selected NaBlo winners. Just so you know.

(Also, is it possible we've inspired a copycat site, or is it mere coincidence?)

Also, my socks shrunk.

I know you're sitting there all, Really? You put wool socks in the washing machine and expected them NOT to do that? Well, yes, I did, I did expect that. I bought superwash yarn, for fucking fuck's sake, doesn't that mean you're supposed to be able to wash it any old way you'd like without having your socks turn into felt mittens? Apparently I was mistaken. And now I have a pair of socks that fit my dog.