A Broad Summit

This oldish guy named Don was pouring slugs of wine that tasted like smoke up at the Hop Kiln winery, and he was all, "What's a Broad Summit?"

"It's a wide, flat place at the top of a mountain where a lot of people can stand together," I said.

He looked at Rebecca's shoes in confusion. "So, you all are mountain climbers?"

Favorite moment of the weekend:

Talk turned to blogging platforms and whatnot, and someone asked Mimi Smartypants, "How do you back up your blog?"

Mimi held up her fists like a boxer and said, "WITH THESE."

Second favorite moment: Alice's shoes.

Third favorite moment: When I felt a burn in my abdomen from laughing really hard.

(Tie for third favorite moment: Finally getting to tell Evany to her wonderful face how much I loved her book.)

Fourth favorite moment: Bryan telling me how they blew all the stumps out of the ground at the Korbel winery in the 1960s by letting the producers of Combat! pretend it was WWII Germany.

FM4b: Bryan graciously assenting when I fake-remembered that Larry Storch was in Combat! (Nope, that was F Troop. Brain? I think we have some usage issues.)

Fifth favorite moment: Oh, I don't know. Everything.